2 x GOLD for Höpler at the AWC 2023

The Leithaberg on the West side of Lake Neusiedl provides the ideal conditions for Burgundy grapes and it is here that our Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc are grown rooted deep into our limestone soils and ripening in the warmth of our micro climate by the lake. This environment enables a long hang time and late picking to ensure optimal healthy ripeness.

“It is great to receive two Gold medals at the Austrian Wine Challenge (AWC) 2023.  Burgundian varietals have been grown here since 1203 when they were first planted by  Cistercian monks.  This award continues our long and proud tradition of excellence in this category.”

Enjoy the delightful tasting notes below. The AWC is a large competition of over 11,000 wines from 1,500 producers across the world.

Pinot Noir Rosenberg 2021

Tasting Notes

“Never judge a wine just by its colour! Your eyes will mislead you into expecting a light perhaps even ‘thin’ wine but the aroma points to something quite different.The nose is like fresh berries in a wicker basket. The palate is full and velvety with a surprising long finish and a depth that invites you to indulge”.

Try this with duck, lamb and mushrooms, delicious.

Pinot Blanc 2022

Tasting Notes

“A delightful all rounder this light yellow wine has a nose of exotic fruit and pineapple.  It opens up after a few moments in the glass.  It is juicy, mineral and medium bodied with notes of ripe fruit and citrus flavours.”

Try this with white meats, salads and spicier Asian dishes such as Thai Green Curry.

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