A look into harvest 2023

“Sometimes things just work”

We are towards the end of harvest with a few days of picking ahead and extraordinary as it sounds it has felt ‘almost’ leisurely. Picking started on the 18th of September which is ‘late’ when compared to the last few years but quite normal versus a longer time span and the weather has been phenomenal. Blue skies and warm autumnal sun, day after day. Combined with reduced yields (that’s nature for you) this has alleviated the pressure. We have spent quality time with our many guests from Canada, Colorado, New York, Virgina and UK and everything feels relatively calm. We cherish the experience and are thankful, sometimes things just work!

The outlook for vintage 2023 is good

The grapes are in fine, ripe health benefiting from the higher rainfall and cooler evenings during the year and this should provide and excellent base for a strong vintage. It’s up to us now to nurture the fermenting grapes wisely in the cellar, giving them the time to convert into more than just wine but a full expression of our terroir which will bring joy to the palate and the foundation of many memories to come.

Frohes neues Jahr 2024

Wir sind ab dem 8. Januar wieder für Euch da!

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