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Pinot Blanc 2023

Dry | 0.75L

Pinot Blanc or Weissbugunder (in German) has been described as the ‘Cinderella of the Pinot Family’. Slightly overlooked and sometimes mistaken for Chardonnay, it is a mutation of the Pinot Noir grape and like its relative is particular about where it grows. Fortunately, it is at home rooted deep into our limestone soils and ripening in the warmth of our micro climate by the lake. This enables a long hang time with late picking to ensure optimal healthy ripeness. We Austrians love this grape and produce a wine of fresh, fruity finesse that develops more complexity with age. A style similar to our more famous friends from the Alto Adige.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Light yellow
Nose: Aromas of exotic fruit and pineapple
Palate: Juicy, mineral and medium bodied with notes of ripe fruit and citrus flavours
Food pairing: Wonderful with white meats and spicy Asian dishes such as Thai Green Curry


GOLD AWC Vienna, 2023


Technical Information

Bottle closure: Screw cap
Optimal drinking temperature: 6-10°C (43-50°F)
Grape Harvest: Sept 2023
Bottled: Feb 2024
Vinification: Steel tank


Grape Variety: Pinot Blanc
Appellation: Burgenland
Classification: Quality wine
Alcohol: 13.5% vol
Residual Sugar: 2.8 g/l
Acidity: 5.7 g/l

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