More points from A la Carte, 92-93!!

The quality and value of Höpler Wines shines through once again!

It has been raining A la Carte points again this week and we are pleased to share the results of their specialist category tastings for Blaufränkisch cuvees vintage 2021, Rose wines from vintage 2023 and Blaufränkisch vintage 2021. What stands out in these results is the value our wines offer. These three Höpler wines range from €10 to €15.50 and the wines with higher points are priced between €50 -€90.  Are a few additional points worth up to 7 times the price? We leave you to judge!

93+ Points
K7 2021 (BF/ME/SY)

A strong core colour core, with a light, mature edge.  Mix of cherry and blackberry, cocoa, and delicate spice. Full-bodied, a lively mouth feel with a dense and fine tannin finish and a long-lasting, juniper in the final aroma

Kategorie Blaufränkisch-geprägte Cuvées – A la carte

92 Points
Rose Celestia 2023

Pale rosé.  Inviting cherry with soft fruit and candied orange. Full-bodied, balanced texture, with a delicate melting fruity finish.

Kategorie Roséweine 2023 – A la carte

92 Points
Blaufraenkisch 2021

Youthful, lightly transparent colour. Candied orange, nougat, and cherry. A powerful and balanced palate with fine tannin and fruity melting finish. Good length and inviting to drink more.

Kategorie Blaufränkisch 2021 – A la carte

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