The positive health effects of our Blaufränkisch DAC 2020

The overall positive effective of wine and alcohol on health is a much discussed topic.  Clearly we always promote moderation and balance. 

We also do our best to inform and educate through our transparent and published processes in the cellar, recognition of our high standards from external trade bodies such as Sustainability Austria, Vegan certification and International Food Standards and even tours through our wine rooms and winery.

It is with a big smile and a little pride that our Blaufränkisch DAC 2020 has been awarded full marks, 3/3 points.

According to the analysis from W&G (Wine and Health)..

..this wine has high levels of polyphenoles and flavonoids which are positive natural elements that have positive effects of health.  As a result you can drink up to 2 glasses of125ml of this wine a day!

As if you needed another excuse!!


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