It is a Triple. 95 Points for Höpler TBA 2017

Our TBA 2017 has been awarded a further 95 points from a La Carte Magazine. Making this a Triple of 96, 95 and 94 Points. True liquid gold!

TBA or Trockenbeerenauslese is a dessert wine. The grapes are picked very late when they are infected by the Noble Rot mould and this makes them incredibly sweet.

As we head into the Autumn and Christmas seasons – this is a fabulous wine to gift or as a treat for you and the family after a long day. It warms the heart and lifts ones spirits. It tastes like a huge hug (something we could all do with right now) and will definitely bring a large lingering smile to your face and your palate.

We sell this in gift packaging as pictured above. We also use it as the base for a wonderful cocktail (add fresh lime, soda water and rosemary).

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