Roman god of wine.


Describes a wine with a powerful body, sufficient extract and ample acidity.


A tasting description to denote harmony, usually referring to balanced alcohol, residual sugars or acidity levels.


Harmony of fruit, sweetness, alcohol, acidity and tannins.


The Balthasar is a large format bottle capable of holding 12 litres of wine, or sixteen 75cl bottles.

barrel size

There are a wide range of barrel sizes used in Austria, and many traditional sizes that are hardly found any more. Producers tend to prefer the small oak barrel (225 litres) for high quality wines.


The term for a small oak barrel, usually with a capacity of 225 litres, which affects the taste profile of the wine with differing grades of toasting and natural aeration. The term ‘Barrique’ also denotes larger barrels, such as the burgundian 300 litre. Wine matured in oak barrels are often recognisable by roasting aromas, as well as vanilla, chocolate, cocoa, coconut, leather and smoked bacon.


Describes a bitter or astringent wine, often caused by the grape pips, stalks, or stress from sunshine with white wines.

bitter taste

Describing an unpleasant, bitter taste in wine.

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